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Protocols and Standards Used In This Genealogy Site.

  • Setup
    1. Lester B Davis performs most of the research and maintains the written records and photos. He is responsible for that part of the venture.
    2. Our son, Glen, is responsible for the technical aspects of the operation.
    3. We use Legacy Family Tree desktop program for data entry and we output the data into a GEDCOM file that is up-loaded to the web site. Usually we perform the up-load to the web-site once a week, generally, on Sunday evening. This site is powered by The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding written by Darrin Lythgoe. Thus, bear in mind that if you provide information to us that we plan to use, it could sit on my desk for a couple of days before it actually appears on the site. We also maintain a separate "test" site on which we test many administrative and other tasks.
    4. Our web-site is available for any legitimate research. We welcome visitors and are glad to share our information with those who make inquiries. We have found those contacts to be most rewarding. We are proud of our site (it is the culmination of over 75 years of what we hope has been accurate research) and we work very hard to review and validate all of the information that we put there. We do not, however, allow downloading of a GEDCOM except for one generation. Once a GEDCOM leaves our site, we no longer have control of its use. We have had occasions where information absolutely traceable to our web site has been put on other sites without permission; perhaps, even inadvertently. The data has, somehow, become corrupted while there and we have received E-mails telling us that our information is in error. It is next to impossible to remove material from those sites. Also, we have promised those who are living that personal information will not be made available to casual users. As a result we have chosen to discontinue providing GEDCOM except in a very few limited occasions..

  • General
    1. When we use contributed data, photos or other items of interest on our web-page it is our intent, always, to give full credit to the contributor. That attribution is shown on the page for the individual to whom the information applies. We also have listed a blanket reference to site contributors on our home page on the left hand side with a button titled Credits. If we fail to do so, please contact us immediately and point out our oversight. We always welcome your input and contributions which are a valuable part of our efforts in developing and maintaining this web-site.
    2. We will not knowingly add any information that is not valid and that has not been thoroughly researched. We attempt to show the source of all information on each individualís page. Sometimes, data that appears, in all respects, to be valid will be placed on the live site and appropriate disclaimers will be included as a note. For various reasons, we will not use information taken directly off of the internet. We will use that data as a starting point and take whatever steps are necessary to verify its accuracy.
    3. We have approximately 600,000 names in various data bases that cover many of our collateral lines. We are continually working on this data prior to including it on our site. It is a formidable task to review that many names and edit them to adhere to the protocols that we have established for our site. It is not, and will not be, our intent to add names just for the sake of having a lot of names on the site. As that work is done you will see the results on the live site.
    4. Every attempt is being made to make our web-site, not only a valuable tool for researchers, now and in the future; but, to make it interesting to the casual reader with sprightly anecdotes about our ancestors showing their contributions to the world in which we live.
    5. The material on our web-page is not copyrighted and, as such, is available for anyone to use. We only ask that, if you choose to use our data, that you properly attribute it to, either, Lester B and Eleanor D. Davis or credit the Davis and Deyoe website. You may reproduce only the data that is involved with your research, with accuracy and properly sourced.
    6. Information about living persons is not available, except for name and sex, to casual readers. If you are a family member and we deem you worthy of having unlimited access to view information, including that of living persons, and you request it, we will issue a username and password to you. We only ask that you use care as to whom you show the information. If we suspect inappropriate use of that access, we will withdraw the privilege and issue new passwords. Currently there are approximately 75 relatives and friends in various degrees of relationship, with whom we maintain fairly regular contact. Only a limited number of them have ID and password privileges.
    7. Administrative rights, including the ability to make changes, remain only in the hands of the site administrators.

  • Places
    1. If we only know the county/shire (no city, town etc.), we have directed the Google map to pinpoint the County Seat. In most all cases, vital records will be found at the County Seat. For example, if we only knew of an event that occurred in Waldo County, Maine, USA, the Google map would pinpoint Belfast, Waldo County, Maine, USA which is the County Seat.
    2. If we have a Township (Pennsylvania, Illinois and others), the Google map will pinpoint the most significant village, town, borough, city etc. in the Township. Sometimes there is a town with the same name as the Township in which case the Google map would pinpoint that town. For example, Halifax is shown as the significant town in Halifax Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, USA.
    3. In most cases, we show the current name of the place. Many places have had locations changed over the years; i.e. new counties get carved out of one, or more, original counties. Townships are found in two, or, even, more, counties as the county boundaries are changed. Also names actually change and we have attempted to standardize to todayís nomenclature. We find these name changes quite often in the United Kingdom and we have used the most accurate descriptions that we can find. When we have information about location name changes, we attempt to display that under notes with locations.
    4. We use the National Association of Counties web-site to determine locations within states in the United States.
    5. We use the Gazetteer of British Place Names to determine locations within the United Kingdom.
    6. Places in the United States are shown as, for example, Palermo, Waldo County, Maine, USA.
    7. Places in the United Kingdom are shown as, for example, Henlow, Bedfordshire County, England, United Kingdom. We have appended the word County (in all cases) even when the word shire is part of the name.
    8. Some states in the United States, such as New York and Virginia, have created cities at the county level. For instance, Roanoke, Virginia, USA is shown in our Places as Roanoke, Roanoke City County, Virginia, USA. Again, we have appended the word County.
    9. In order to be able to drill down to the most accurate level with the pins on Google Maps, we have identified places in New York City as follows: Brooklyn, New York City County, New York, USA. Again, we have appended the word County.

  • Names
    1. Are always shown in the format: Dr. John A. Doe, Jr., Rev. John A. Doe, General John A. Doe or John Albert Doe.
    2. If there is an AKA that fact is shown in General Notes.
    3. If the surname is not known it appears as (UNKNOWN).
    4. If the given name is not known it appears as Unknown.

  • Dates
    1. Are always shown in the format: 28 Jun 2009.
    2. Dates are as accurate as the source information. We show approximately (app), before (bef) or after (aft) when these descriptors are appropriate.
    3. When there are conflicting dates a note will appear in Birth Notes, Christening Notes, Marriage Notes, Death Notes and/or Burial Notes indicating the conflict.

  • Notes
    1. Sometimes we have bits of information that are not of sufficient importance to include as a History. In those cases we include the note as a piece of interesting data that we would like to share with the viewer.
    2. There are general notes as well as notes specific to an individualís birth, baptism, marriage, and death. Burial information is shown as Headstone media; not as a note.

  • Cemeteries
    1. Cemeteries are shown on the web-site by, what appears to be the most recognizable, name. If the cemetery has changed its name over the years and that fact is known, all names will be shown.
    2. In every case where it can be determined, Cemetery Notes show the precise location of the cemetery. The Google map also pinpoints its precise location. If we have interesting snippets of information about the cemetery we include them in the Notes.
    3. As of 16 December 2013 there are twenty (20) cemeteries for which I have been unable to determine the locations. This may be due to the name being incorrect or the cemetery has been abandoned and is overgrown or lost. In those cases, I have made a note that further research is required. Those cemeteries are identified with three (3) question marks (???) preceding and following the name in the cemeteries listing. In those cases, I have dated the note so that future researchers will know when the location was last searched. If any viewer has ANY information about these cemeteries their input will be appreciated.
    4. Several of the churches and allied cemeteries have very similar names. It is quite possible that the final resting place for a (distant) relative is in error; either in my own research or in my source information. To the extent possible, I have researched the burial records of the cemetery involved to determine the accuracy of our information. [Please notify us if there is any discrepancy. Thank you.]
    5. Where they are available, we have included a photograph of the entrance to the cemetery AND general photos of the cemetery and its surrounding area.

  • Headstones
    1. Photographs of headstones include a geocode in those cases that we have been able to travel to and find the location of the headstone. We take two readings of each headstone and average the two values. There are many headstones for which we do not have a geocode; but, do have knowledge of the cemetery in which the ancestor lies. That is shown as general Headstone information. We will welcome photos if you have them or if you can obtain them.

  • Geocodes
    1. Geocodes are always shown in decimal format. There are conversion programs available to view in degree format.

  • Photos
    1. When we put photos up on the live site, they are attached to the ancestor with whom they are related. As much descriptive information is included as is possible.

  • Obituaries
    1. Many of the obituaries that we have in our possession have, for various reasons, faded or have become relatively unreadable. As a result, obituaries are typed into a media History as an Obituary. When possible, the source of the publication in which the obituary was included will be shown.

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